Footnote punctuation

I am using Chicago notes and Bibliography style (with one or two alterations which are irrelevent in the context of my query). I need to put a general reference to a number of books in one footnote without page numbers for any of them. Occasionally I also need to put one short title with no page numbers. In both cases Endnote automatically adds a comma at the end of each reference, when I need to have in the first instance semi-colons and in the second instance periods. Is there any way in which I can make this happen either automatically by setting up a rule, perhaps for when a footnote reference is followed by something, or make it possile to do this manually one the reference is inserted?

Many thanks for any help.

Something might be amiss with the command syntax set-up within the Endnote output style . Could you attach the Endnote output style file to permit examination?

Hi there, using MHRA Style, in the Footnote template, how do you make the comma after the date conditional on the pages cited field being populated.

Here is a first footnote entry which shows the comma after the date, and then the page cited.  This is is fine.

[1] Mark Houlahan, ‘Dear Hamilton…’, Waikato Times, 30 August 2015, p. 5.

When there is no page reference, the comma after the date stays, but I would like it to be a full stop

1] Mark Houlahan, ‘Dear Hamilton…’, Waikato Times, 30 August 2015,

Attached is a screen shot of what my footnote template looks like - can you please advise me where to fix it?

Many thanks, Anne Ferrier-Watson, Academic Liaison Librarian at University of Waikato, New Zealand

Easier if you attach the output style to let us make the change directly, but have the | (forced separation “pipe” character) before the punctuation.  It is sometimes hard to figure out, as fields that are empty can make it less clear where the punctuation mark is coming from. In the below, I used a * for the “link adjacent” character which appears as a tiny diamond in your out put templates, and also ensures the linkage between words, fields and puntuation.  The pipe is on the (US anyway) keyboard but both these special characters can be added from the insert field dropdown.  

Reporter|,*‘Title’|,*Newspaper|,*Issue Date|,*p.^pp.*Cited Pages|.*Edition*edn|, Section|*<URL>|*[accessed*Access Date]|.

Dear Leanne

Thanks very much for your helpful reply, things are looking good now. First time seeking help here, will happily attach style for any future help!