Field-Dependent Punctuation

Hello, all!

I am new to EndNote, and as such I am not too familiar with editing styles. I would like to change the bibliography template for books to have a period at the end of the title if there is no edition for the book, but I need a comma after the title if there is an edition present. How can I set EndNote to change punctuation based on whether this optional field is filled?

Thank you!!

Endnote templates have two types of characters that allow this.  Forced separation (which can be typed as the pipe character | )  and link adjacent (which looks like a tiny diamond character instead of a centered dot space character), both of which can be added from the insert field dropdown.  

so Title|,*Edition|.  

combination (where * is link adjacent) would have a full stop after the title, if there was no edition, and comma Edition.  if there was an edition.  

Thank you so very much! That works beautifully!