Footnote style won't use short title for anonymous works

Context: I’m working with a custom output style for footnotes; it displays all bibliographical information upon first occurrence, and then continues with Author Year. I am using EndNote X8.2, Win10 and Word 2016.

I am having issues with formatting anonymous works.

According to the output style’s settings for anonymous works, EndNote should use the short title in place of author. Upon first occurrence, it displays the bibliographical details in full, with no author – as it should. However, as of the second occurrence, it does not opt for the short title, but keeps using the full title in place of author.

I have defined short titles for the anonymous references, and the problem persists regardless of reference type. 

I’ve also created a stripped-down test style to rule out problems with the output style itself, but to no avail.

I’ve attached screenshots of the issue.

The short title IS displayed in place of author for in-text citations, formatting included (e.g., B__ook italicised and “Journal Article” in inverted commas). This also works in footnotes when I switch to “Same as citations” for the footnote template. This is how I would like anonymous works to be displayed as of the SECOND occurrence. (I can live without the italics and inverted commas though, as long as the short title is shown as it should.)

Why doesn’t it work, and how can I get it to work?

I’d be really grateful for help in finding a solution to this predicament.

Ps. I know I can remove the author from a citation and enter the short title manually, but that’s not an attractive solution, as there are dozens of references and an abundance of citations.

Anonymous footnote 2.jpg