Format pre- and suffixes

Hi all,

I like to format pre- and suffixes in citations. Specifically, I want to have scientific species names in italics (i.e. only part of the prefix). I should look like this:

(e.g., Poecilia reticulata: Weissman et al. 2007) 

Any idea how I can format pre- and suffixes of Endnote citations. If I just format it using word, the italics get lost again as soon as I add another citation.

Thanks for any advice!

Cheers, Michi 

Edit: Italics are not shown properly in this forum either;o)

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I’m struggling with the same problem. As a biologist I often refer to a species in the prefix, but at the moment I can’t figure out how to format the scientific name in italics (except for going through my manuscript and fixing it all before submission, of course, but that is not a very elegant solution).

Did you get this solved?

Any hints would be highly appreciated!

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I asked this question as well. Link is here in case I get an answer:

Unfortunately there is still no way to apply special formating to text in the prefix or suffix.