Formatting Prefix or Suffix Text /// showing full author names when not a person

Hi All, looked around but couldn’t find an answer, though the question was asked…

Using Sage-harvard style. I need to add some prefix text for Corporate Authors, (ie Human Rights Watch, where only Watch would show up as author). But I want to be able to italicize that prefix text as needed. How do I do so?


is there a way to show the full author name when it is not a person, ie Last Name, First Name, but rather, Multi Word Organization in the in-text citation? (this way I format the text appropriately within Endnote)

Thank you so much!!

To display the full-name of a “non-person” entity, in the “Author” field just add a comma at the end of the name:

Human Rights Watch,

Thank you, that solves my issue!!

You’re welcome, snowygreen.  Also, just to clarify, the issue of adding a comma at the end of organizational names in the Author field is a different issue unrelated to formatting prefix or suffix text.

Prefix or Suffix text relates to editing the in-text citation.  If you use EndNote’s “Edit Citations” option, it has the ability to permit adding text in-front (prefix) or after (suffix) the citation. 

So for example, your original in-text citation might be: (Human Rights Watch, 2010)

But the citation could be modified to include prefix text: (statistics reported in Human Rights Watch, 2010

Or the citation could be modified to include suffix text (Human Rights Watch, 2010; also refer to Goverment Report ITB0A-2).

Prefix and Suffix modifications along with omitting Author and/or Year are some of the options available in EndNote for editing in-text citations in a variety of ways.

Yes, thank you. I wanted to be able to italicize my prefix text as it was part of the Author on occasion, so while I am still unable to italicize prefix text, the comma after author solved the issue. 

Unfortunately there is still no way to apply special formating to text in the prefix or suffix. 

And this is very bad , indeed.

Suffix and prefix field should act like any other normal fields. They should also be added into a specific output style. This very important change of the suffix and prefix status could solve hundreds of problems with these fields, including the fact that, suffix field always inheritates format form its immediate precedent field. 

For instance, if you have the Author field (let’s say in small capital) with no title field between it and the cited page field; or using short form (in cunjuction with the repeated citations where title would not be repeated), then any text in the suffix field would results in inheriting the format of the small caps. !!!

This bleeding effet drives me crazy and there is no way of avoiding it, except if the cited page field is filled with a page number. However any content text in the cited page would add p. or pp. if this option is implemented in your output style. 


Suffix bleeding format.png