maintaining italics adjacent to citation

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I am trying to get the following text format in Endnote: (Cyprinus carpio; Hata & Kaneda, 1980).  Cyprinus carpio is not part of the reference in the biblio but is mentioned in the article itself. What I need to do is to have the citation and the species name in the same brackets, maintaining the italics. 


I have tried the Helpless file which offered the following:


To create a citation that is formatted as:


(see Figure 1; Jackson, 1994)


the unformatted citation must look like this:


{see Figure 1`; \Jackson, 1994 #28}


The ` character before the semicolon tells EndNote not to treat the semicolon as a separator between citations.


This seems to work, however I can't get it to keep the italicised species names when I format the bibliography. I have tried all combinations that come to mind, and am presently resorting to changing it back to italics after formating. This means of course that if I have to change the biblio, I also have to go through and re-italicise the species names in the text - not much fun!


Any suggestions gratefully received!




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You are correct.  It is impossible to format text within the citation.  Sorry.  I try not to include formated text in that way. 

Richard: you can accomplish this via the old “bogus citation followed by ghost citation” trick. I.e., you construct the citation exactly the way you want it, without any endnote formattting, followed immediately by a ghost EndNote citation from which author and date have been removed. In your case, the unformatted text might look like


(Cyprinus carpio; Hata & Kaneda, 1980){,# 3398}


Good luck