Formatting APA 7th citation style for works with multiple authors in EndNote X9

Hello fellow researchers,

I am currently working on my thesis format and need some assistance with formatting in-text citations in EndNote X9 according to the citation style required by my university. The university has provided specific guidelines for citing works with multiple authors in APA 7th style, and I am struggling to adapt it in EndNote X9.

The guidelines for in-text citations with multiple authors are as follows:

  1. For works with two authors, both authors’ names should be cited using the word “and” to connect them (e.g., Lastname1, F. I. 1, and Lastname2, F. I. 2).
  2. For works with no more than seven authors, each author’s name should be separated by a comma, and the word “and” should be used before the last author’s name (e.g., Lastname1, F. I. 1, Lastname2, F. I. 2, …, and Lastname7, F. I. 7).
  3. For works with eight or more authors, the names of the first six authors should be specified, separated by commas, and an ellipsis (…) or (…,) should be used before the last author’s name (e.g., Lastname1, F. I. 1, Lastname2, F. I. 2, Lastname3, F. I. 3, …, and LastnameN, F. I. N).

I would appreciate any guidance or instructions on how to modify the author lists and configure the punctuation and conjunctions correctly in EndNote X9 to meet these requirements. If there are any specific settings or modifications I need to make within the software, please let me know.

are you certain those are the instructions for in text citations and not for the bibliography listing? I have never seen a requirement for the ellipses in-text and endnote has that option in the bibliography template, but not in the in-text citation author listings. For the bibliography template, the settings would be as in this image. making sure to have a space after the “and”. Also it is highly unusual to include the initials in an intext citation, unless there are two first authors with the same surname.

edit the APA 7th output style (or what ever style you are currently using) and save to a new name and use that name in the document.