A problem of in-text citation

I’m configuring the author list for in-text citations according to APA 7th reference. My requirement is: for citations with 1-2 authors, full author surnames should be shown for both the first and subsequent uses; if there are 3 or more authors, only the first author surname should be displayed with et al for both the first and subsequent uses. Although I tried to adjust the settings accordingly, the outcome did not meet my requirements.

I would greatly appreciate your guidance in addressing this issue if possible!

What are you getting?

You have first appearance, all authors, but you still want 1-2 (not 0-2) and first author et al for 3 or more? If so the 2nd option should be picked If 3 or more list first (1 not 2), – as the subsequent appearance is set up…

I’m sorry for the confusion. I attached the image in order to ensure that I’m not looking at the wrong settings.
I just followed your instruction, but it still doesn’t seem to work in Word when inserting citation using the Endnote Plug. I think I should mention this point intially, apology for any inconivence.

I attached new images to illustrate my requirements. Thanks for your reply!!

the first number should not be 0 but should be one. – the rest looks okay. (but I tested a version with the zero and it didn’t seem to mess up the citation). I tested your settings in a document with endnote 8 ( I have an old version on my machine at home). it worked fine. I have 21 at work, so wanted to make sure it wasn’t old vs new issue. 20 did have an issue with number of authors in some versions.

I would “save as” the output style in endnote, to a new unique name-MyAPA for example - and change the word document to use that newly named style - to make sure there is only one and it is the right one. then make sure you click on the “update citations and bibliography” option in word.

one other thing to make sure of is that the record itself has each author on a separate line, although I would expect a different outcome if that wasn’t the case.

I just noticed, that there may not be a space in front of the first & in your output style. try making sure there is a space before and after each &

Sorry for late reply. I followed your steps but the citation I required still hasn’t change. So I tried more other reference with more than 3 authors and found that it works. Upon further investigation, I found the problem did stem from the author in the record although it has each author on a separate line. I’m still trying to fix it as there seems to be no difference between them in terms of format.

Anyway, thank you for your careful clarification and guidance so that the key point was addressed.

Best wishes!

It may be that the two citations with similar authors are being disambiguated (if that is a word)? so Smith, Jones, James & Frank, 1999 and Smith, James & Frank, 1999 would be abbreviated to the same thing, (if not using 1999a and b as another options) and so it adds in the subsequent authors to make them unambiguous.