APA in-text citation displays two authors + et al for some citations but not for other citations (in same document)

Hi all,

I’m having a small problem with endnote X7 that I can’t seem to find an online solution for.

Basically I want any in-text citations with 2 authors to look like: (Santos & Cook, 2007) and any with 3+ authors to look like: (Santos et al., 2007).

I’ve edited my APA 6th edition endnote settings: edit>output styles>citations>author lists> (see endnote styles.jpg attachment). For 95% of my intext citations this does work however as you can see some still list as (Santos, Cook et al., 2007) red = bad (See attachment) showing two authors then et al. whilst other cittations work absolutely fine green = good !!!

Any feedback would be appreciated : )

intext citation issue.JPG