Formatting in-text citation - choice of 2 styles

Please help me with this one! After convincing my work college to use Endnote I am embarresed to admit that I dont know how to do this.

When referencing we use two formats in-text:

Either :  Evans and Schmalensee, (2005) stated that blah blah blah

and/or: it was found that blah blah blah (Evans and Schmalensee, 2005).

Both need to be available interchangeably and seeing that only one or the other can be used at any one time, my college wants to quit on Endnote out of fustration.

Any ideas on how I can use both styles in the same document?

If not, bye-bye Endnote!

As the former, in my writing style, is usually used less often than the later, I insert the citation and type in what I want it to say in the sentence structure (since it is more often than not changed from “Author, et al” to “Author and coworkers”) and then hide the author (right click in the formated citation and  choose >edit citation) in the citation itself. 

If you are concerned about typos in the authors name, you can  insert the citation twice and unlink the field of the first one and delete what is extraneous.  I think you will not find another software package that handles this any better, apart from perhaps Bibtex.