From Mendeley to Endnote mid-project - recognition of in text citations?

Hello all,

I have nearly completely a research paper in Mendeley, but once realizing it cannot change parenthesis citations to numbers, and various qualms I have with Mendeley, I am switching to Endnote.

I have downloaded my Mendeley library and have it all in Endnote.  My question is, do I have to go through my paper and manually put the references in under Endnote, or is there some way Endnote (in my word doc) recognizes the Mendeley citations, and I can convert them over to Endnote citations? Once that is done, I would then take the citations and change them to numbers. 

I.e., I need …climate warming (Bond et al., 2013) to be …climate warming)[i] with the associated reference in the reference list at the end of the doc. 

Any guidance on whether this is a quick fix or a manual slog is greatly appreciated. 

Best Regards

No quick fix that I’m aware of I’m afraid. I wouldn’t recommend switching to Endnote midway through a paper. Mendeley should be able to do number citation styles. Just have a look at the citation style preferences, you should be able to search for the citation style for the journal you are going to submit to. Have a read here

as in footnotes and bibliography or a numbered bibliography and is that supposed to be an i or a 1.  If footnotes – you will need a macro first.  

if a straightforward numbered bibliography, then I would read this KB article and maybe in concert with this other thread.  

Hi Ben,

I have gone through their citation styles and tried to contact their help and cannot seem to figure it out.  They have one called numbered but nothing seems to happen. I would love to not switch mid-project so I hope to sort this out via Mendeley.  Thank you!

Hello there Leanne,

I am turning my scientific paper into a glossy report where the parenthesis aren’t aesthetic, and therefore, I am aiming to have just numbers after a citation that then a reader can look up at the end of the report.  But, I am open to footnotes if that is easier. I don’t know how to add a macro though? I will check out your articles and see if that will help me sort it. I used to be an endote user and then tried Mendeley as I no longer had a free license and man, I have struggled with it and am paying for endnote myself. 

no – I don’t think footnotes are easier!  But I agree with Ben that Mendeley should have this capability – have you tried their support or forum if available to ask?  

You were right…I just didn’t know how to ask for the numeric style properly in Mendeley. My apologies! And thanks for the help.