from numbered to superscript - full stop problem

Hello everyone,

In numbered form a citation is such as:     … consistent with the previous finding [3].

In superscript form it would be as:               … consistent with the previous finding.^3

Superscript comes after the full stop.

When I try to change style on MS word   from IEE to lets say AIP Style Manual it changed the style as … and this result is consistent with the previous finding ^3. (the superscript comes before the full stop)

Is there any way to correct this automatically for all so that all superscripts come after the full stop?


No, you have to physically move the citation at the end of sentence, there is no automated mechanism in the program. I wouldn’t worry about it though.  Publishers can usually adjust this in house after publications’ acceptance.  Worry about the content.  (added in edit) although you could convert to unformated citations, search for }. and manually or create a script to move the period’s position, I guess).  

Dear Leanne, thank you for your reply.

Have a good day!

you can do a convert to unformatted citations and the replace (ctrl-H) }. with } and { with .{

that will solve it for every citation after a full stop, you manually have to check the ones where it is around comma’s. you will probably find those if you check spelling.

Although 7 years ago, I have to say this assumes every ciation is at the end of a sentence, which is not always the case.  You would need to change {*}. to .{*} etc.