From Papers on MacOS to EndNote on Windows

Hello,I’ve been using Papers for some time on a Macbook, but now I’m forced to move to Windows, so I choose Endnote. Any idea how do I transfer all my data and PDF files from MacOS and Papers to EndNote on Windows?

I did an export XML Endnote and I can get all the data in my Endnote under Windows, but because Windows uses “/” and MacOS “” in the filename is really a headache, since all my PDFs are sorted in folders, by year and author, so I cannot simply replace strings on the XML files with the “Replace…” function of an editor. I also have an Endnote on my Mac, I did create a library out of Paper’s XML, but when I export it, it didn’t exports my PDFs, only the data about references, which is not bad, but I also would like the PDFs too. 

Any idea? Thanks. 

See also this thread, which didn’t get any replies, but seems to be about the same problem.