problem about transferring Macintosh to a Windows EndNote libraries (and vice-versa).

I have a problem about transferring Macintosh to a Windows EndNote libraries (and vice-versa).  I’m using Endnote X9.3.2. Both computers are 64-bit. Is there a solution?

We have an update coming to EndNote X9 for Windows so that it will be using the same database engine that is being used with the updated EndNote X9.3 on Mac.

Once that update is released you will be able to move a library from one platform to the other again manually without an issue.

If you have just one library you can use the sync feature to allow the transfer of that library between the two platforms.

If you work on more than one library on both platforms you will not be able to take the converted library from the Mac back to Windows at this time.

You can export from the Mac and take the resulting file back to a Windows machine then import it to be able to work on the library on both platforms.

Please contact Technical Support for more information on this process.

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1