generating 2 different output styles in 1 bibliograph


I need two different outputstyles for my bibliography. First is journal article and second is edited books.

EndNote is only generating one style in the bibliography, either journal article or edited books.

How can I combine both styles in one bibliography?

Any help appreciated!


We need more information.  There are distinct templates for journal articles and edited books (and books and book chapters and lots of other things).  Thus it isn’t a different output style, it is different templates in an output style that have different defined templates?  

Attached show the records for two examples.  A journal article and an edited book.  Below are  an output style’s bibliography template with the defined templates for the two reference types.   

So, have you correctly defined the ref type for each of your records?  

What output style are you using to generate your bibliography?  

You are right ! I am using 2 Reference Types (Edited Book and Journal Article) and then I created my own 2 outputstyles by modifying 2 templates after the citation rules of my university.

E.g when I cite a Journal it should be like that:

  1. Bentall RP, Corcoran R, Howard R, Blackwood N, Kinderman P (2001) Persecutory delusions: a review and theoretical integration. Clin Psychol Rev 21:1143-1192

But when I cite a book it´s different:

  1. Brüne M, Ribbert H, Schiefenhövel W: The Social Brain. Evolution and Pathology. 1. Aufl. Wiley and Sons, Chichester, U.K, 2003, S. 277-313

But when the programm generates the bibliography it all looks like 1) or 2) depending which style I´m using. Is there a possibility to combine both styles in one bibliography?

Perhabs I have to create two documents and merge it in the end?

Thank you very much for your help!

did you look at my image?  – There should be ONE output style which has TWO bibliography templates.  One for journal articles and one for edited books.  –  Can you attach your one (or two output styles?)  (they end in .ens and should be in your owner my documents folder/endnote/styles location.)