Generating a bibliographic entry for a web page

Is there a way to reference a web page other than by entering it manually? I do have Net Snippets, which can construct a bibliogaphic entry directly from a web page, but I can’t find any way to bring that reference into Endnote either.

You can import web pages into Endnote if you are using Google Scholar to search for information. Just set your Scholar preferences to point to Endnote (Bibliography Manager at the bottom of the preferences page) and save.

When you do a search there will be an “Import into Endnote” link under each result.

Admittedly, this only works for searches through Google Scholar, but it’s a start. Others might know more.


Thanks. I do use that capability in Google Scholar, but I’m looking for something that will extract a title and URL from a random web page, at a minimum, into a working list that I can copy into my book’s bibliography. That and more coulld be done with Net Snippets, which is no longer supported and causes instabilities with current IE.

Have you tried the EndNote Web browser toolbar plug-in? This includes a “Capture” utility that tries to grab bibliographic data from web pages that can then be saved to an EndNote desktop or web library.

You can get the toolbar for Internet Explorer or Firefox from EndNote X4 or X5 Preferences - on the “EndNote Web” panel - or from the footer of most pages within EndNote Web.

The “Capture” is optimized for academic research databases but often does a decent job grabbing basic data from other web pages too.

I hope this helps.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thank you. I’m using a trial version of Endnote and I don’t seem to be able to access Endnote Web to try this. Do you happen to know if I can get trial access? I did discover Zotero, which I have to access via Firefox, and it does meet my needs, but I would rather have everything together in Endonote.

Access to EndNote Web may be limited to fully licensed users, which, as a trial version, may not be included.  But assuming that may not be the case and the trial version does permt access to EndNote Web, here’s a few quick thoughts:

  1. The trial software has a 30-day period; are you still within this time-frame? 

  2. Were you able to set up an account:

  3. Did you change your Zotero settings as decribed by JasonR (Thomson Reuters): "In Zotero General Preferences, you just need to be sure to un-check the box labeled “Use Zotero for downloaded RIS/Refer files.”

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The demo does not provide EndNote Web access but you may already have access if you currently use Web of Knowledge. If so, you can link over to EndNote Web from that platform to create an account and download the browser plug-ins. You can also access EndNote Web if you register with 

  • Mathilda, the EndNote team

Thank you. I got this working perfectly.:smiley:

I can’t seem to get the group that published a web page (Dept of Transportation) to appear in the web page entry for APA 6th edition.  I’ve searched your forum and it suggests using Endnote Web but I’m using a university owned laptop with university owned Endnote software and it doesn’t appear that I can access the Endnote Web version.  Is there another solution to either accessing the Endnote Web version or being able to get the bibliographic entry to work for a web page.  I’ve tried putting Dept of Transportation into every available opening but nothing works.

Stephanie West

Appalachian State University