Adding web pages as a reference?

It’s probably impossible, but can Endnote X2 recognize data on a web page and create a reference without manually typing in the data?

The answer is - well sort of.  I would copy and paste them into a word file and then see the Endnote help file or the PDF file and look for “importing, creating files EndNote can import” or some variation of those words.  But it is usually easier to try and download them from a structured database if one is available. 

There are many different web pages out there with many different means of storing information about themselves or about other subjects.  Some web pages will link to a file or will contain formatted text that you can import into EndNote.  Most “general” web pages are more difficult to parse & you will have to add things manually.  Copy/pasting from the page is at least a litle faster than typing.

EndNote Web has a “Capture” feature that is supposed to do just this, but I’ve never had much success with it. It seems to work better with Firefox than Internet Explorer. It will certainly capture a reference from PubMed or ScienceDirect, but it doesn’t seem to have much success with a normal webpage. You would think it could easily extract at least the title and URL of the page, but it doesn’t seem to.

This “screen scraping” function works much better in RefWorks and (I think) Zotero, so it is probably something that the EndNote developers need to work on.

Leanne, i have EndNote X7.3, and i am new-ish to EndNote. I am trying to learn how to get to import webpages as  references into EndNote. Is that possible?? An example web page was inserted here but got rejected to be posted, so i have removed it. PROBLEM NO 1 is this: i have learnt that there is no plugin (Add-on) for Firefox, so no toolbar to be able to “capture” this website. And i am talking about the latest version of Firefox 38, the same problem with version 37 which i tried downloading as well. I have sent a request through Firefox for them to look into it. Were you and your Support team aware of this?? What can you do to help, please?

I am persisting, but have had massive problems using EndNote, this is another one of them. I am using a Mac with Safari, but have Firefox installed for EndNote. Using MS Word for Mac 2011. Thanks.

Firstly, I do not work, nor have ever worked with the support team or for TR.  I am a scientist and an experienced, long-time EndNote user (but they do listen to me on occasion!).  

I don’t have a problem with Windows Firefox add-in, or the instructions to add “capture” to the bookmark/favorites menu in Chrome  (I prefer the later, and use chrome, but it should also work in IE and in Safari).  

I use these instructions and endnote online, on the rare occassions I need this. 

Instructions are also in the handy “THE LITTLE ENDNOTE HOW-TO BOOK” available for download here (in the right bar) 

(FYI: Until you have posted a number of questions, this forum blocks new members from posting URLs to avoid spam posts.)  

Thanks heaps, Leanne. The EndNote Online Tutorials specifically mentioned that for Mac, Safari wont be able to import references, and recommended Firefox. Chrome was not mentioned in the tutorials. But Chrome may be worth trying. 

Btw, i have learnt how to import a webpage into EndNote. 

Thanks again for the clarifications, help and the links. Appreciate all that immensely.