Get rid of travelling library for ever!

I am writing my PhD which so far has 1000 references.

I ALWAYS use the same computer

I open my endnote library THEN I open the word document

But my word document always points to the travelling library when I then try to edit citations - and if I add a citation that I have corrected from my library - it then adds it as a seperate reference with the suffix b.

How can I kill the travelling library? I want to get rid of it forever!! It is wasting my time and in my opinion is a horrible addition to what would otherwise be a great peice of software

I am using word 2010 and endnote x

I look forward to your imminent reply


I don’t use CWYW until I want to generate the references and citations.  – This prevents the generation of a traveling library.  Also unformating and then reformating the document forces the citations to come from the library.