travelling library

My student has a paper that she has written in Word, using EndNote X.  I have EndNote 9.  Everytime I edit the paper, EndNote replaces her references with ones from my library.  A travelling library would do the trick to prevent this I think, but when I try to export her library from her paper to a travelling library, EndNote 9 states that “the files is already opened and cannot be opened again”.  I then get a message telling me that the export failed. 

Am I doing something wrong, or is the a version issue?

Here are the instructions that I used, followed to the letter with a new library.


Open the document in Word.

  1. From the Tools menu, go to the EndNote submenu and choose Export Traveling Library.

2.  On On the Export Traveling Library dialog, select either:

  1. An existing EndNote library:
    Select a library from the drop-down list of available libraries, or click Browse to locate a library.

  2. A new EndNote library:
    You will be prompted to name and Save the new library.

If the paper is formated, you shouldn’t need to do anything, when you are edtiing the paper, you should be using the travelling library which is embedded in the manuscript. The two versions should play pretty well together.  If the paper is unformated, then it will try to locate them in your library, one by one. (although if you are using very different versions of word, this may change things).

Exporting her refs to your library would NOT work, as they would have different numbers in your library, but I am not sure what you are doing wrong during the export .  - unless you are choosing to save to a New library which is the same as an exiting library which is already open. 

Thanks, but I am not entirely sure I understand.  The library in the paper has been formatted.  But if I use track changes in Word, despite the fact it is formatted, the Cite as you Write function replaces her references with ones from my library.  I have tried to turn the CAYW function off, with no luck. 

it isn’t really replacing them with your library, it is simply updating them with the travelling library entries.  If you select a citation inserted from your student’s library - (select and then tools, edit citation), you will see that in the bottom, it probably says “travelling library” in the status line - although I don’t remember if EN9 and ENX do that.  

You can turn CWYW off thru the “reformat paper” menu, third tab, (disable) or simply select all and unformat citations (NOT REMOVE FIELD CODES), which effectively turns it off as well.  Do you plan to insert refs from your library as well? I tend to avoid that, telling the student to look them up and add to their own library (and read them!), and insert them themselves.  

The tracked changes can become a real problem in EN9 especially.  I think they improved it X, but even so, the amount of data being tracked is huge with the inserted/deleted references, as they contain the whole record (and as you note, they get replaced even if they really haven’t changed), so I would just keep them in their curly bracketed form.