Getting EndNote database to print as it appears on the screen

One of our staff members is having the following problem.  Can anyone help.

My Director, wants me to send a copy of our two databases to someone so that he could post on the website.  Last night I sorted the databases by year (as  requested) and was able to see the sort.  My director needed a copy of one of them but when I printed it out it didn’t print out the same way as what was on the screen.  Can you help me with this, and can you tell me the best way to send the databases to the person who needs them? Thanks again for all of your help.

Victoria Harriston

Thanks colleagues for your help.

I assume you were exporting the database to an “rtf” or “html” document?  Depending on your version of Endnote, the exported file either uses the endnote style selected in the program (older versions) or the output style listed int he export file name dialog at the bottom.  The style sheet dictates the way they are listed (bibliography templates) and order (bibliography sort). 

If they want the database accessible in Endnote, you need to compress (or "send) the library via that option in the “File” menu.  this creates an .enlx file which can be shared and unpacked by endnote at the other end.