Endnotes in paper do not match what is listed in the database

I’m writing a paper for which the references are listed at the end of the document.  However, the format of the references is not matching what is written in the EndNote library (I’m using Endnote X1).  For example: in my template, I’ve specifically asked for Start Page to be listed at the end.  However, my paper will only inconsistently show the Start Page, even though it is listed in every reference in the library.  Here’s another example:  I downloaded an EndNote citation for the journal “Inflammatory Bowel Diseases”.  I then modified the entry to read “Inflamm Bowel Dis” in the library; this is what shows up in the preview.  However, when I use this citation in the paper, it reads as the full journal name.

Has anyone seen this type of behavior?  Is there an easy fix?  I have >200 references that have these problems.  I’m getting to the point of tossing the EndNote library out altogether since none of my format changes are actually showing up.

Could you clarify:

  1. What output style are you using?

  2. When you say you “specifically asked for Start Page to be listed at the end” do you mean you modified the bibliography templates to include the Start Page field?  If so, when templates are modified, exiting the output style dialog box will save the changes as a Copy (e.g. Chicago 16th Copy) - so did you adjust EndNote and MS Word to use the output style “Copy” file instead of the original file?

  3. You say you “modified the [downloaded] entry” which appears correct in the preview window. However, what you see in the preview window is the bibliography output and not the citation.  The in-text citation has it’s own template which may need adjusting to “match” the field that contains the modified title. [To access the citation template, go the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT “name of the style”. Then in the output style’s dialog box, locate the heading “Citations” and click “Templates” - which will display the EndNote fields are used in formatting the template.