Getting rid of the Reference list at the end of the document

I just purchased EndNote.  I am writing a thesis a chapter at a time, but I don’t want the Reference list that is automatically generated at the end of my document when I use EndNote to insert a citation.  I can edit the citation to include or exclude certain information, or I can delete it completely, but I can’t figure out how to delete just the reference.  Can anyone help?

Either turn off CWYW so that you don’t format the refs at all leaving them as curly bracketed {Author, year #rec no} or create a style that has no bibliography templates.  Just a citation template.   

from Endnote, Edit>Edit Output style, edit “the style you are using” (which if it isn’t there, you should select it and then repeat the above). 

Go the Bibliography templates and delete everything from each of them. 

Save As to a new name - like MyStyle-noBibliography.ens

Change the to that style (in 2003, format bibliography, you may have to browse to find the new style). 

okay, it should erase any bibliography.