How to remove the reference number in an APA-6 citation?

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Currently I am working with Endnote X7 (online version) and Word 2016.

When I add a reference from Endnote to Word, it shows (author, year, #reference number).

Previously, only the author and year were shown (APA-6 style). 

How can I make sure that Word does not show the #reference number in my citation?

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Your CWYW instant formatting has been turned off.  You can manually update (update citations and bibliography from the Endnote Ribbon in word, or turn on instant formating. from the same ribbon.    

Thank you for your reply!

I tried to turn on “instant formatting”, but every time I want to insert a new reference, the whole document is scanned for unformatted references now. 

Sometimes even my text is altered (ordinary words between brackets, for example, became author names suddenly).

I just want to add new references without the #reference number, instead of scanning the whole document over and over again.

Could you help me with this one? 

This can happen if the Temporary Citation Delimiters in EndNote were modified. They should be set to curly braces { and } and not parentheses ( and ). In EndNote desktop, click on the Edit menu (or EndNote menu on the Mac) and select Preferences. Click on Temporary Citations and then click the “EndNote Defaults” button to set this back to curly braces. You can then click OK or Save and close the Preferences on the Mac.

In your document, make sure any citations you have added are changed from (author, year, #reference number) to {author, year, #reference number}. When that is done, you can turn on Instant Formatting. It will no longer scan items in parentheses and just items in curly braces. If you receive a Select Matching Reference dialog, see this article:

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Thank you! That did it :slight_smile: