Reference list formatting with CWYW

I use EndNote’s CWYW feature in Word, and usually it works just fine.  Sometimes, however, as on a current paper (I swear the program knows when I’m at deadline!), no matter how many times I format the reference list correctly (for APA 6th), using either a style or doing in manually, when I leave the page it all goes back to centred text.  I can’t find anything else I could do in Word go maintain the set formatting.  And I can’t find any patterns to indicate why this sometimes happens.  I can’t find any settings in EndNote either to prevent formatting changes.  Any ideas on what I can do?

Hello Sylvia Lee,

This can happen if there is some font formatting in the background of the document that is getting tied to the bibliography. See the following article for more information on resetting this font formatting:

Which version of Endnote?  

It maybe that the subsequent paragraphs in the word document  Word have “adopted” the style of the “References” header paragraph.

In pre X7 versions of endnote, you should make sure there is a paragraph after the header “references” or “bibliograph” and select that paragraph and everything to the end of the references (and a paragraph after the end of references just to be sure!) and left align or justify - and then see if it sticks. 

But in X7, the reference list is assigned a Word template style of “Endnote Bibliography”  and you should edit the actual template style.  The easiest way to do this (but these are windows instructions) is as above - (editing the bibliography as you want it to appear) and then right click (or the Mac equivalent?) and select the “Style” and then “Update the “Endnote Bibliography” style to match Selection”.  Alternatively you can edit the style itself first to have the paragraph setting that you want, if you are a word template style expert.