Getting started

I just purchased EndNote and have watched the tutorial re: online searches.  My question is, how do you know which data bases to select to get started.  There are so many and I don’t know which ones to choose.  My subject area  is higher education and leadership development.  Any suggestions…just can’t get started.

I am not in your field, but I would think that something like ERIC would be one place to go.  I have no idea if you need to subscribe to this.  - The connections files (I tried CSA and EBSCO) appear to need a log in, but I was able to download to Endnote from the ERIC site, using the my clipboard/export options.  There may be other databases, that others in the field might know to recommend. 

Have fun!

> There are so many and I don’t know which ones to choose.

You might ask your Friendly Librarian ™ for guidance. Normally, instructing users about the available information sources should be part of his/her job description.