Descriptions of connection files

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I just downloaded endnote and imported the 6000+ connection files that were available. Needless to say, I am absolutely lost. Is there a list somewhere that explains what each of them is about? I mean some seem obvious but others…? How am I supposed to decide whether I want “Acad Search Comp (EBSCO))” or “Acad Search Main (EBSCO))”? I’m aware that I really didnt make things easier for myself by downloading all of them but I just want to understand what database has what type of publications.

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Thank you for your answer!


I get them as I need them. If you use database retrieval in your field… check if they have a Connection file to download.  Don’t download all 6000.   

In the sciences - I only have Library of Congress, Pubmed and maybe Web of Science (TS).  If you belong to a university, you may find yours in the list.  I sometimes use a University Connection for a science book, if Lib of Congress is slow.  Some (many?) are password protected or proprietary.  You do NOT want 6000 in your connections folder (or more than 600 in your styles folder)  or Endnote performance WILL suffer.   I have less than 100 Connections and only have 2 in my dropdown.  

If you open the individual Connection Files in the editor, you will see information about them under ‘About this Connection’ and ‘Connection Settings.’ To open the Connection, click Edit > Connection Files > Open Connection Manager. Find the Connection File of your choice and double-click the name to open it. As Leanne mentioned, many of these Connections Files are access restricted. You would need to obtain credentials from your institution or the database provider. See this article for more information:

In the future, you can decide to download individual Connection Files, you can install by a category or you can install all of them. Please see this article: