Getting X5 set up correctly

For several reasons my use of EndNote got off track.  I upgraded to X5 a while back but am just now trying to get it set up, and am having some problems doing so.

I exported my Master List from Word 2010 to EndNote, and then tried a couple of entries:

From EndNote X5:

(Arbour, 2004)

Arbour, D. (2004). Managing Conflict Effectively. Leaders Studio.

From Word 2010:

(Arbour, 2004)

Arbour, D. (2004, July). Managing Conflict Effectively. Retrieved April 5, 2010, from Leaders Studio:

What do I need to do to get the EndNote citations and bibliography to conform to what my instructors are used to seeing in Word?  I can deal with the APA 6 style issues as a second issue.


Chuck Billow

Has the web address been correctly transferred and incorporated into your endnote library fields? 

What is the ref type of the record?  How does it correspond to the  template in the APA style you are using?  URLs are included in APA for most electronic publications ref types and some others, but not  for “journal” or “book” reference types. 

If you like some help, you may attach the output style you are using (in the attachments box in the below, when you reply).  If it is an original output style installed when you installed endnote, you won’t need to attach it - just give us the exact name of the output style, but if you have edited it or downloaded it from somewhere, it will be in your library/my documents endnote/styles folder and you can browse there to attach it.