Bibliography: unwanted new parapgraph before the URL

Hello everybody, 

I am using Endnote X7 and have a problem I cannot resolve:

My Endnote output style ist edited like this for Web Pages: Author, Year: Title. URL (Zugriffsdatum: Access Date)

But when I generate my Bibliography in Word 2016, Endnote always starts a new paragraph before the URL (see Attachment 1). Why is that? In my output style, there is a blank space no paragraph!

I changed it manually in Word, the way I should be (see Attachment 2), but everytime i update my Bibliography it changes again. 

Can you help me with this problem? What did I do wrong?

Thank you very much! 


Endnote 2.jpg

Does it only happen with this record?  Look at the record.  Is there a carriage return there in the title (after the word ANOVA)?    I also note there is no period after the title, before the carriage return?  Sometimes it is hard to see that there is an extra line after the text.  put your cursor after the word ANOVA and in the delete key a few times.  

You can never change an Endnote field manually, as it will always revert to what is defined in the output style.  

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Thank you, Leanne! 

I was searching for the mistake in the “URL”-Field the whole time, but the problem was in the “Title”-field of the reference. There indeed was carriage return after the word ANOVA. I deleted it and now it works! 

Thank you again, you found the mistake!