Google Scholar Lit Search Search to Endnote V8 (Mac)

Hello,  I am doing a lit reivew, and I have 1580 results on Google Scholar that I need to get to Endnote (V8), and I am using Mac OSX v10.12.6.  Can anyone help with how to download these citations into EndNote without having to do it one by one?  I’ve heard of Publish or Perish, not sure if it works on a Mac?

Many thanks!

don’t know about Publish or Perish.  Their web site says you can run on Mac with a Windows-like environment 

Scholar has improved in that you can download a page at a time (10 max) where it used to be one at a time, but doing it 158 times seems like a nightmare… and on top of that, you still have to “save” them one by one, as far as I can tell.  Any other databases you can interrogate, perhaps thru an institution, with which you are associated?  

Thanks for your reply Leanne.  UTS library said it was one by one, seems to be complicated to run on a Mac, have downloaded Pub or Per on a colleagues PC, so that’s a start.  Just have to figure out how to search correctly for my lit review.  Kind regards.

you can download a page of records (about 20)  at a time but only after clicking the star for each one to save to “mylibrary” in google scholar, so it is still tedious. One would think google could improve this platform. 

The google settings are now in the “Hamburger” menu though.  see attachment.

Thanks Leanne.  That was very helpful, as publish or perish isn’t easy to navigate.