Pretty Basic Question about importing

I’m new to Endnote. I’m running X3 on a MacBook Pro. I’d like to be able to seamlessly import references that I find in Google Scholar or other online catalogs into an Endnote reference library. I normally use Google Chrome as a browser, but sometimes Safari. But when I click on a link to download into Endnote instead of just opening up Endnote and dumping the reference into the most recent library, I get messages that treat the imported reference like a downloaded file. I have to save it somewhere, then open it, linking it to the Endnote application before it appears in an Endnote library. There must be a simpler way. Any advice gratefully received.

Chrome has always had that one extra step when downloading references - although I don’t have to save it somewhere, I just click on the download box at the bottom of the screen and it  puts it straight into my library. But I’m not using a Mac so I don’t know about that. Safari has always had problems with downloading.

Have you tried Firefox? Mac users don’t usually have any problems with that.


I stopped using Firefox a while back because it had become so clunky, but I’ll try using it for this. Thanks for the suggestion.