Government Documents citation style + Switching names around

I am a first time EndNote user, so the questions might be a little redundant!

  1. I am formatting a list of endnotes at the end of my document. How do I get the output style for, eg an interview, to look like First name, Last name, in discussion with author, date instead of Last name, first name…etc. It seems like I am getting a bibliographic style output

  2. I am citing many government documents and in specific congressional testimonies that follow the following format for an endnote:

A__uthoring Body, Title of Work, Individual Author or editor if available, number or other identifying information listed, publisher if different from author, (Place of publication: date), page number(s) for pdf files. URL.
I cannot simply put this into the ‘Government Document’ reference category because it doesn’t spit it out the way I need. How can I go about creating a new reference type?

Thank you!

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Help us help you by telling us which version of Endnote you are using.


I am not sure exactly, as I never use “endnotes” - perhaps you should be looking at the “footnote” formating for the style you are using. 


It is really important to read the online manual and get to grips with editting a style when it isn’t producing exactly what you expect or want.  Select "edit, output styles, edit “your currently selected style name here”.  There you can specify how the author name is handled, lastfirst, or first last, etc) and the order of the items.  I doubt you will need to edit or create a new reference type, but if you do, that is handled thru the edit, preferences options. 


Any more complicated instructions we might provide, won’t make sense until you look there. 


good luck and let us know how it goes! 

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