Creating Output Style Bibliography Template

Hi All, 

I am am creating a new output style to reflect what I need and am really close to having it finalized. The problem I am having is that for my almost all of my references, I need the authors listed as “Smith Jane”, but for my government documents I need the authors listed as “Jane Smith”. The only place I  know how to change this is in “bibliography:Author Name”, but this applies to the entire output style, and not an individual bibliography template. Is there a command I can put into the bibliography template for my government documents that will cause it to list the author “as written” in the reference entery? 


I don’t believe you can, but you could enter those authors as Jane Smith, (note trailing comma) and that will treat them as a surname - but your citations will have the whole name as well.  

You can treat authors and editors differently though, I think, so entering them as editors might help, assuming the editor requirement is not the same as author and/or you don’t have any documents requiring an editor?  You may want to go to the suggestions forum, and make a requrest.