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Good afternoon: I am a newbie running Endnote X6 for Mac and have a question regarding importing citation information from websites not part of a database. I mean, for example, I would like to create a reference for the following link: Do I have create the reference manually ( I don’t see a place on the page indicating “export”) or is there another way? I’m trying to save time. Also, 2nd question, in your opinion would it be best to categorize a governmental website as a “website” or “government document”?

You need to install the “capture” plug-in for IE or for Firefox.  this is a poorly documented feature.  See here or maybehereis better – and links there-in. 

On which reference type, it really depends on what information you want to display.  I would probably think as a web page, because it could change - disappear, and you would probably want to say “when” you accessed it. 

Having said that, many output styles will not have a template for either, and you will probably need to tweak what is there in Generic, and make the appropriate template.