Group names in Endnote for ipad

Can someone please fix the group name arrangement in the menu bar

There is a lot of space wasted and really painful for me to manage a large database (I have more than 40 groups with long name).

See the attachment for the wasted space.

I expect i would be really easy job to arrange  group name left so that we can see long group name

or just setup scroll bar…

Agreed, I often need to be able to see more of each group name but cannot, please fix with next release.

Also, why don’t Group Sets show up on iPad at all?  It is VERY frustrating to organize my extensive library on my laptop by Group Sets and sub groups, but then to have all sub groups mixed up alphabetically on my iPad.

Please, add Group Set sync capability to iPad.


Thank you!

I agree! I have numerous groups which are a nightmare to manage on the iPad app. Group Set support would be VERY useful!!!