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As my endnote library is growing, I would very much appreciate being able to have sub-folders within my groups.  This would allow me to organize my references more precisely.  For example, if I have a group set of “Geriatric Assessment Measures” I could then have groups for various categories, such as “Depression”, “Cognition”, “Activities of Daily Living”, and then subfolders for articles relating to the validity and testing of the specific measures within each group category.  For example, within “Depression”, I could have a sub-folder for “Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale” and a subfolder for “Geriatric Depression Scale” and another sub-folder for “Beck Depression Inventory”.  This would greatly help in grouping and organizing articles.


I have the same wish. Is it already available in the new version? I would buy that version only because of this function. 

I have the same wish. Is it already available in the new version? I would buy this new version only because of this function. 

Hi Serge,

I never used an old version of EndNote, so I don’t know what groups used to be like before. However, I can tell you that in EndNote X8, you can create Group Sets that contain Groups. For example, quoting stroh above, one could have:

  • Geriatric Assessment Measures



      Activities of Daily Living

“Geriatric Assessment Measures” would be the group set and “Depression”, “Cognition” and “Activities of Daily Living” would be the various groups contained within the group set.

I have EndNote X7. It does have the possibility to create groups and group sets. Unfortunately, group sets add only one extra level, which is completely insufficient for me. In addition, it is organized in a way that is not convenient for modifying an old library. The group sets has a higher level than groups. To modify an old library it would be much more convenient to have subgroups of lower level (like folders and subfolders on a PC).

Can we expect anything in this direction in the future?

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The Endnote software is great, but the missing more-level-subfolder structure of references is a limitation that is sad :frowning:

i have the same wish. The endnote needs that option

Highly needed. I was using Mendeley and papers app before. Both had the subgroup functionality .
Please developers bring this subfolder update in the new app

Subfolders requested 7 years ago.

I am beginning to think that the “product suggestions” thread is not monitored (as is claimed).

Please,… add more level subfolder support. Please…

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