Groups not appearing from Word

Hi, I spent ages in Endnote creating groups to file my references. However when Igo back to Word and insert citation, the groups do not appear. Any help be appreciated, thanks

I don’t recommend trying to use the “insert citation” option from word, but to go to Endnote and select your citation using the much more powerful search tools there (see below), highlight the record and the endnote  " tool or control C (copy) in endnote and control P (paste) once you jump back to word, to insert the citation.  

So you will see the groups in Endnote.  The word insert citation search is a search of all fields - so if you were looking for an author whose surname was “Li” every record that has the two letter combination of “li” will appear in your list.  Much better to use endnote’s search which is much more powerful and can be more specific. Also, if you know the first author, you can just start typing that name in the library window, and it will jump to their name (if sorted by author) .