cannot find my groups when trying to insert references using Word cite as you write

Hi. I would appreciate any help. When attempting to insert a citation on a Word document using Cite as you write,  I can only find one group that was created and subsequently deleted on Endnote online. None of my newly created groups appear when I open ‘insert citation’. Any ideas of what I am missing or doing wrong?


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Are the references in groups shared by others? If so, log into your EndNote online account and then go to Organize > Others’ Groups. Here, make sure the “Use for Cite While You Write” option is selected for those groups. I would suggest then quitting and restarting Word to test the feature again.

If the references are in your own groups rather than groups others are sharing, please restart Word and open a new blank document. See if you can insert a citation. If the issue persists with your document, try cleaning up the field codes with a copy of it as outlined here:

Dear Jason

It still doesn’t work. As i have now purchased Endnote 8 and using a different email address, could it be that the system on my computer recognises the old basic Endnote programme with it’s associated grouops?


Hello Jackie,

Under the EndNote tab in Word, you can click on Preferences and the Applications tab to verify the correct email address and password is listed for your online account. While this may seem obvious, make sure you enter a search term and click Enter from the “Insert Citation” dialog. It will not automatically display all the references from your account. For more information on how to use the dialog, please see this help file:

If the issue persists, I would suggest contacting Technical Support: