Searching Specific Groups/Libraries in Word


I have a problem searching my references from the EndNote plugin in MS Word. Due to overload of references, I would just like to search one specific group in Word. Is it possible to do this? Or perhaps disable the other reference groups from being active in my search plugin?

Thanks a lot!

Why use Word when Endnote permits searching within a specified group? First click to select a group and the small window above the search panel displays “Search Whole Group”. Then type your search parameters and press enter when done.

I agree with CG.  I never use the word find citation endnote search tool.  It has no way to hone in. Try searching for the Author “Li” for example – hopeless.  I always jump to endnote and find my citations there with the search tools where you can focus on a group or combine and/or focus on a field.  It would be nice to make it more friendly, but at this stage - this old dog would probably never notice if it did improve!