Hanging Indent is not working

Hi  All,

My client would like to generate a reference list looks like following:

Andersen M H, Berglund L, Petersen T E, Rasmussen J T. 2002. Annexin-v binds to the
         intracellular part of the beta(5) integrin receptor subunit. Biochem Biophys
         Res Commun. 292: 550-557.

I think it will work if I select “hanging indent”  as “all paragraphs”, but it seems not working now.

The result is still lack of indent in the subsequent lines.

Is there any other configuration need to be done? I’m using EndNote X7.1

Very appreciate if anyone give me some hint.

there are two places this can be specified and sometimes one over-rides the other.  

  1. The output style itself, in the layout option (hanging indent - all paragraphs lower right side).   (sounds like that is what you checked)

  2. in the format bibliography settings, layout tab, see image.  

Thank you for your positive experience! It’s always nice to hear.
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Thank you very much Mentor!!!

It’s working now:)