Hard Drive Faulty


my customer has endnote and has to finish her work by the end of this month ( a few days ) her hard drive on her laptop has become faulty and now i need to find where endnote stores the main file? i have found a " references.enl " file but its only 12k and doesnt seem to work? do i need to import it some how or is that not the file am after? 

i have got a folder called  references.Data with aload of files in there what do i do with this ?

Thank you for any help

Endnote creates the references.enl and a set of folders in references.DATA.  both are needed for the library tp function properly and both reference.enl and references.DATA should be in the same folder (i.e. references.enl should not be IN the .DATA folder). 

BTW, You can rescue the references.enl from the references. DATA folder, if the enl library is lost.  create a file named references. DATA (or whatever the library-name.DATA is) and then open it.  It shoudl magically reconstruct itself. 

but 12K is pretty small.