journal calls for every author's last name when first cited, then "et al" after that; no commas


I’m using Endnote X2 with Word 2007.  I downloaded the style for the journal of fish diseases and it mostly works, with one error- the journal wants a “Harvard style” format (vague, I know, based on other posts) in which, at first reference, each author’s last name and the year is displayed; thereafter, the entry is abbreviated to the first author’s last name and “” with the year.  It’s doing that, but when attempting to display each of the author’s last names, it fails to separate them with a comma. 

I used to be familiar with Endnote but it’s been several years…



It is a simple fix.  I can “talk” you thru it or you can tell me the journal output style and do it quickly and repost here.  – (since I would have to go thru the steps to “talk” you thru it anyway!)