Elsevier - Harvard (with titles) Referencing

Hello, I want to submit a new paper to an Elsevier journal and I realised they are using the Harvard (with titles) Referencing which is found in the link below :


My problem is that I do not find this style in Endnote and I do not know how to cite book sections or webpages.

Does anyone knows

  • how to find an equivalent style in Endnote
  • where to find the variables to be used for book sections or webpages in order to copy paste them in an existing style

Many thanks for your help,


How does the style differ from that listed in Elsevier’s guide here? Exactly which publication are you trying to match? I suspect that lots of the styles that endnote has for specific Elsevier journals will match. Unfortunately they are named for specifics rather than grouped by specifics. Endnote has never had a way to “search” for the appropriate matching style. Most author, year Harvard styles include the title, but punctuation can differ between them.

Having said all of that – many years ago, an endnote guru created this compendium Style templates collection - #31 by leanne and we gave examples of a more uniform subset. And the one below which can be downloaded from the above Style templates collection - #23 by myoshigi

SGGS1_Yr_Ti_Jo_Vol_Page -Systematic Biol.ens
Billoski, T. V. 1992. Introduction to Paleontology, 6th edition. Institutional Press, New York.
Morehouse, S. I., and R. S. Tung. 1993. Statistical evidence for early extinction of reptiles due to the K/T event. Journal of Paleontology 17:198-209.
Schwartz, M. T., and T. V. Billoski. 1990. Greenhouse hypothesis: effect on dinosaur extinction. Pages 175-189 in Extinction (B. T. Jones, and N. V. Lovecraft, eds.). Barnes and Ellis, New York.

If there are differences - this style can be edited to accomodate the minor differences.

Hi @leanne, thanks a lot for your quick reply. Actually I am about to submit a paper to Environment International (Elsevier). There is a style in Endnote corresponding to this journal but unfortunately there are informations missing like how to reference webpages, thesis, databases, conference proceedings or podcasts (which I all need). And I would also need DOIs at the end. I might adapt this style using the styles you provided. What do you think ?


I also checked in the Environment International journal itself and they are not using the same style as the “Environment Intl” style in Endnote. Actually they rather use the style that I mentionned in my first message with the year after the author name (this one)

Actually, my question would rather be, what is the most common reference style in Endnote which would look similar to this ?

In the document you attached, it looks like Name–date (Harvard) style (Style 2). But I do not find it in Endnote. I have tried all Harvard styles in Endnote and they do not match. I also tried to take famous Elsevier journals as example but their styles are not fully entered in Endnote. Now my question would rather be, is there a way to search in Endnote only for the styles which are completely filled (where styles are entered for any document type : podcast, conference, webpage …) ?

It isn’t called that in Endnote. but doesn’t the one I mentioned above work. Sorry I am at the bedside of a relative in hospice and not able to work thru this. The advantage of Endnote is that you can tweak a style that is close to reflect what you need faster than finding a pre-formatted one in the thousands of styles available. That is why we worked on the compendium linked above. So you could see something close, download it and save to endnote and then tweak it further.

@Leanne, many thanks, sorry for your relative :frowning:

Thank you. – back at work now. :frowning: