Harvard style

I do not like the presenation of harvard with capital letters.  I do not reference this way.  How can I change it.

>Edit>Output styles>Edit “Harvard”>Bibliography Author Name>Capitalization

But the format style is not about you like it or not. It’s what your journal requests. Anyway, this is the way you change the output style.


There is no specific style guide for Harvard style.  Harvard style has several, at a lack of a better word, versions.  Basically any style that follows (Author, date) format is a Harvard style therefore you can use APA 5th or Author,Date format… these are all Harvard styles. 

Right. Vancouver is basically same thing. There is no fixed “the vancouver style”.

Do I understand it correctly that there is not one specific “Harvard Style” but any style that follows the “Author- Year” format could be named Harvard Style?

I have a guideline for a scientific paper where the Harvard Style is demanded but I do not see any “peculiarities” in it but a simple format like

Smith, A (2003) Journal Article with page numbers International Journal of the year, Vol.1 No. 2,  pp 81-91

Can I thus chose whatever style I want and thus change it accordingly?

Is it in general better to edit another style or to chose among the existing until one finds an appropriate?

Thanks in advance for your help!!

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Message Edited by Unicorn on 05-12-2009 04:11 AM

Well, with over 3 thousand to choose from, I general find it easier to find one that is close and change it! You can go thru them one by one from the style preview.  To access this go to Edit>outputstyle, open style manager, and browse thru the styles with the style info/preview button toggled. 

also see style templates where you can view  a more managable number of styles with examples and download the corresponding one.