Harvard Styles

Hi I’m a student new to using endnote.

Our university requires that the Harvardstyle be used. It looks like there are different styles of Harvard with large discrepencies between the different styles.

Can anyone comment on which style endnote supplies and why they do not provide the other styles?

And that is your answer.  Harvard is basically an author-date style but the specifics can vary.  It is primarily used in the sciences and is the basis for the more detailed styles used by many journals, for example the American Psychological Assc (APA).   They can vary as to whether they  include author first names, or initials, with and without periods, include issue number or not, abbreviations of journals (or not).

Hence, there isn’t just “one” Harvard Style. Naming one so, would be difficult.  You could just use the generic Author-Date that comes with Endnote (as a default listing I believe) and that would technically qualify as “Harvard Style”. 

If anyone is interested in the history of “The Harvard Style”, there is a short article by Eli Chernin, “The ‘Harvard system’: a mystery dispelled” in the British Medical Journal, vol. 297 (22 Oct. 1988) p. 1062-1063.

In summary, it originated with a zoologist named Edward Laurens Mark, who was a professor at Harvard in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He published a paper in 1881 in which he used parenthetical references consisting of the author’s name and the year of publication. In a footnote in that paper, he explained that “the numbers immediately following an author’s name serve the double purpose of referring the reader to the list where the titles of papers are given, and of informing him at once of the approximate date of the paper in question.”

As Leanne explained, there is no “standard” Harvard style. There is no manual of the Harvard style, and Harvard University has never assumed any responsibility for it.

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Dear Leanne,

Are you able to tell why the author-date style underlines the journal name in the bibliography? I have End Note X1 now, but do not remember that this was the format in the previous versions. I would prefer to have the bibliography with no underlinings, but not sure if I should try to update the author date until I am sure what is the reason for this.

Have no idea.  It is a generic style provided with Endnote.  Remove the underlining and save it as a new style, if you like.  Make sure you change your thesis format bibliography to use the new style after you get one that looks the way you want it (and fulfils any University requirements there might be).