Harvard style and newspaper articles in Endnote


I am having difficulty with using the Harvard style for newspaper articles.  If the author is entered in the reporter field; the citation in the bibliography reads, for example,

Author. 2004. test. The New Zealand Herald.

With the word author written out instead of the author/reporter’s name.

I have checked the preferences and author = reporter and should appear as part of the citation.

Can anyone help explain why this might be happening?

Many thanks


If your EndNote and Word settings are using the Harvard style file, then there may be a problem the file.  In using the Harvard style, the newspaper reference seems to format correctly (see Image1). 

If you think the problem lies with the style a quick fix  is to use the EndNote Web Styles finder to go to the website and download a new copy of the Harvard style.  (Or use this URL: http://www.endnote.com/support/enstyles.asp)  Place the downloaded Harvard style in the EndNote “Style” folder within the Programs directory of your computer.

The new file should also correct the problem of the in-text citation format.  (The correct citation template format is shown in Image2.)

Thank you!  I downloaded a new harvard style as per your instructions and it is now working - problem solved!  Thanks again :slight_smile:


 I noticed that you resolve your issue, I also have the same problems. When you updated it di the author’s name come up in Capital letters? How do you make the output bibliography not be in caps?



It looks like the Harvard style’s method of capitalization is intentional so are you sure you want to change it?  If so, did you check the Harvard style’s capitalization format setting for Author Name?  It may be set to “All Uppercase” in which case you’ll need to change it to “As is”.

  1. To change the capitalization setting go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT “Harvard” which causes the Harvard style window to pop-up. 

  2. Within the style window locate “Bibliography” and click on the third entry - Author Name.  (See Image) On the right change the Capitalization setting by clicking the pull-down menu and selecting “As is”. 

  3. Close the Harvard style window.  You will be prompted to save the changes which will be made as a copy (i.e., Harvard Copy) so you will need to change both EndNote and MS Word to use the Harvard Copy style file.