Having an URL show up when choosing a report reference


I have a report reference, and I am using APA (5th ed). The report can only be accessed online, hence I want to not only have Endnote show the authors, title, and institution, but the URL and date accessed. I type all these things in to the relevant fields, however the URL and dat accessed never shows up when I format the biblio, or even in the preview window. I find this happens with multipkle styles when I choose ‘report’ reference type. Does anyone know how to make this work, or a hand workaround?

Cheers, Alex.

I recommend you try APA 6th and a reference type like electronic article or electronic book.  You can also edit the style, save it to a new name to display the data that you want to appear.  An example of APA 6th where I have put specific data in specific fields and the preview (with the style open to the bibliography template item) is shown in the attached.  If you want the URL or other info to appear in another template, you will have to edit it to include that information.