Report reference not displaying Publisher

HI there

I am having problems with the Report reference type. I am manually adding the source information and selecting Report as reference type however when I generate the reference it does not show the publisher.  It shows the location but then it is blank afterwards even if I have entered a Publisher in the Publisher field. Is anyone able to help me???

For example:

Kelly, J., Dwyer, J., Pekarsky, B., Mackean, T., Willis, E., Battersby, M., & Glover, J. Managing two worlds together: Stage 2 - patient journey mapping tools. Retrieved from Melbourne:

Thank you in advance of anyone knows what I am doing wrong!

This would suggest the template for the report ref type is either not defined at all and the generic doesn’t contain the right field, or the ref type is defined and wrong.  What output style are you using and if it is modified, please attach the one you are using to a reply.  (the .ens file if modified will be located in your mydocuments/endnote/styles folder).  

Hi Leanne

Thanks for replying. I was using APA 6th output style which I thought should be correct.  I have ended up modifying it through the Style Manager…I hope this was the right thing to do but it is doing what I want now :-) 

Interesting, in that the Report templates seem to map “institution” to the usual generic publisher field, rather than Publisher, which is mapped to the generic field “tertiary author” which seems odd to me.  and you are correct to have edited the APA 6th output style to insert which ever of these fields was most appropriate to your entries in the Report bibliography template.