How to get weblink or URL into a bibliography? many have asked, but Thomson seems not to answer....

I am preparing a course bibliography and would like to have the articles with their weblinks (obtained using ctrl-G in EN9) printed or visible so that students can just click on them and get to the article.  I see that many others have asked the same or a similar question – but no answers!! One such request has been viewed 319 times…but not answer!  What’s the deal?  Can someone from EN give us the scoop?  It’s very frustrating to see it in the library, and I’ve tried adding it into a style (using edit output style) without success.   I dread the thought of cutting and pasting dozens of URLs when they are so temptingly visible, yet… not visible! 

While it doesn’t show in EN9 or X, they have listened and I believe it does show up as a clickable link in X2.

Have you tried modifying the bibliography templates? Go to Output Styles, Edit [Style name], click on Bibliography, then Templates. Set your cursor into the template where you want the URL to appear. Click on Insert Field (upper right-hand corner), then click on URL to add the URL field to the template for the articles. Save, and check that it worked by previewing one of the articles you want this to show in.  If you later want to print a bib without the URL field, simply go back into templates and remove the URL field.

Do note that the new EULA terms would seem to prohibit modifying the templates :cry:

I would hope that nothing bad would happen to anyone who used EndNote in this way, but caveat lector.

That works, but how would you wrap the actual URL inside some text like “Pubmed link”. Typing in the html code into the template does not work.

Use APA 7th style