Help asap!! References lost word format!!


I reinstalled word. then I looked for what to do in that case with endnote because my in text references appeared like this

ADDIN EN.CITE <EndNote><Cite><Year>1992</Year><RecNum>1353</RecNum><record><rec-number>1353</rec-number><ref-type and so on

In the Helo menu of endnote it is said that after reinstalling word you must reinstall endnote, what I did, but the problem reamains and I am submitting my thesis in a month!!!


This spooks a lot of people the first time they see it. You’ve turned on view codes in Word and what you are see is EndNote’s embedded coding, pressing the Alt Key and F9 (if your using a Windows pc) will return you to a normal view.

Alt+F9 is quite useful when you teach EndNote as it’s a great way to show trainees why EndNote formatted documents get so large, so quickly. I also go to the bibliography section and there all you will find is a single code which builds the bibliography.

 Thanks a million!! It worked like magic!!