Help!! By importing a .txt-file, pagenumbers are getting lost!

I want to import some .txt-files, I have generated from the International Medieval Bibliography into a Endnote-Database and that works well, expect that the pagenumbers (which are included in the .txt-Dokument unter “BP” and “EP”) are getting lost.

How can I avoid this?

Would be glad, if someone could give me a hint! Thank you!

If the text document contains the field name and corresponding page numbers, the information may not be importing into EndNote as the filter may not have the “tag” and field name to accommodate the page numbers.  Both text file and the EndNote filter must have matching field information otherwise the import will not work.

What filter are you using and could you attach both the filter file and a sample (one record is fine) of the text filey?

I’m using the filter “Brepolis” as this is the one, that has to be matching with the International Medieval Bibliography (which belongs to brepolis). How can I see which fields a certain filter contains?

Check the “Templates”  setting of the Brepolis filter.  Upon examination (see attached image) there doesn’t appear to be a Tag or Field for page number.  So without the tags, the page numbers aren’t importing.  The image shows the template is for Journal Article but other templates should be adjusted so the tag matches the one appearing in the text file.  The Field name should correspond to the EndNote reference type field so i you want the page numbers to appear in the Pages field, that’s the field name to use.


If you send me the data file you are trying to import, I will update the filter for you.  My email address is



Attached is the updated filter.



Bib civil medievale.enf (1.59 KB)